West Bloomfield, MI  48128    U. S. A. 
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Established  in 1981 .

Our business consists of :
Turbine submersible pumps, skid mounted booster systems and inline booster systems,
waste water submersible non-clog sewage pumps for both dry well installation and sump wet well installation,
and self priming sewage pumps, electric or diesel engine driven .

SD and SS series for waste water pumps:

Thermal conductivity of oil is seven (7) times better than air.
Using that rule, our engineer started the design of a new pump in 1982 to replace what the industry
uses today as an air cooled motor or surrounding liquid for cooling the submersible pump motor.

Our SD and SS PUMPS have a mineral oil circulation in the mechanical seal chamber which will provide a cooling system to the seals and thus result in a longer life span. The motor casing holds mineral oil which provides very good cooling and lubrication for the bearings (upper and lower) and the motor.

Our pumps will operate in a submersible dry well (SD) as well as in a submersible sump well (SS) .

These pumps are capable of running dry without any surrounding liquid, regardless of the ambient temperature rise, even if it hits 50ยบ C.